L2VSN Multicast over SPBM on VSP 7200


Configure the L2VSN Multicast over SPBM on VSP 7200 and ERS 4800 in same network with IPTV Sender and IPTV Receivers.


There is one network with IPTV Sender and IPTV Receivers. The Avaya ERS 8600 is a Core Switch and works as BCB in SPBM. The Avaya VSP 7200 switches work in Distribution Layer as BCB with NNI ports in SPBM and as SMLT Cluster with UNI ports in Legacy Network. The VSP 7200s need to receive the multicast signal from IPTV Sender network and send it to joined Multicast Clients (IPTV Receivers) over SPBM and Legacy Network. SPBM is already configured on all switches and it’s functional. For IPTV will be used the new VRF named “IPTV”. It will be configured only on Avaya VSP 7200, because the Core Switch use it already. Additional I will configure the IGMPv2 on all switches. Without IGMPv2 I can see only number of joins from IPTV Receivers but no IPTV Sender in IGMP sender table. With IGMPv3 I’m able to see the multicast traffic only on dedicated IPTV Receivers (TV Boxes) and not in applications such VLC. With IGMPv2 I’m able to receive the multicast traffic in VLC, too. Default test multicast address on IPTV Sender is with UDP port 10004.

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