My name’s Dawid, born in 1985. Network is my little passion and big part of my life. I work as a network engineer and I like to learn something new, different and curious, what I can use in my productive or test environment.

This blog is my personal mission with some important goals:

  • To share my knowledge with other IT freaks or just the normal IT engineers to help them with the similar daily issues or problems. There are other fantastic vlogs and blogs, forums and fan pages, which help me too. I would like to do the same for the others.
  • To show you my new art and philosophy of my work. Prepare your hardware or software, simplify and optimize your configuration but do it right! Say no to the “clickers” and configure all with the command line – of course if you have this possibility. Try to understand, not just copy & paste.
  • To improve my own skills, enlarge my experience and go deeper into analyse or troubleshooting. You can’t collect these valuable personality traints on the official IT courses, but can do it alone, at work or within the group at workshops, which I obviously prefer.